Organization & Mission:

The Fish & Loaves Community Food Pantry is a non-profit, faith-based organization which provides food assistance to families and individuals.  Located at a 4000 square-foot facility in Taylor, Michigan on Northline Road, just east of Beech-Daly, the pantry currently serves residents of seven contiguous communities--Allen Park, Brownstown Township, Dearborn Heights, Romulus, Southgate, Taylor and Woodhaven. Our larger mission is to insure that no one goes hungry in the Downriver area and that those in need are served with the dignity they deserve.  Although faith-based, Fish & Loaves is non-sectarian, serving all clients who otherwise qualify for assistance without regard to religion or creed.

What's in a Name?

The Fish & Loaves Community Pantry was first launched by an ecumenical group of Taylor churches inspired by a miracle story from the gospels—Jesus’ feeding of a multitude with five barley loaves and two fish.  Fish & Loaves’ own founding and growth has been miraculous.  The “client choice” pantry is currently the largest facility of its kind in the metropolitan Detroit area and has become a model for other similar community initiatives in Macomb and Wayne Counties.  Since its grand opening, Fish & Loaves has also hosted visitors from thirty different countries interested in learning how Metro Detroiters are responding to the needs created by a rapidly changing economy.

A Client Choice Pantry that Affirms the Dignity of Those in Need

As a “client choice” facility, Fish & Loaves allows families and individuals to “shop” six times per year in an attractive setting organized like a grocery store.  A wide range of canned goods, refrigerated and frozen foods, dairy products, and seasonal produce are offered at no cost to clients.  Our client choice model not only affirms the dignity of families and individuals.  It also minimizes waste—clients only take what they will use.Since opening its doors in June 2008, the Fish & Loaves Pantry has assisted more than 4000 Downriver/ Dearborn Heights households and 13,500 men, women, and children.  We distribute over 1.5 million pounds of food annually.  The Many Advantages of a Client Choice Pantry

  • A sense of dignity for clients and their families--thanks to our store-like setting.
  • Higher client satisfaction with food they are able to choose.
  • Less waste and, therefore, less cost in providing food to clients.
  • Greater opportunities for positive and supportive social interaction between Fish & Loaves volunteers and clients.